Friday, 5 December 2014


Fellow Europeans, whether you like the idea of a United Europe or not, whether you fancy yourself as a wishful anarchist and outcast or still think that you can be an active citizen, this concerns you in equal measure. If you have not yet signed this pet ion, please do so immediately and spread amongst your friends. I am sure you are already aware of what TTIP will mean for any European country: if you are not, I am not surprised as it has been kept under wraps by the media until very recently, so please read the info on 

We must stop this from happening at all costs!!
If our governments give the green light to the signing of this secret treaty between the EU and the USA, which is being discussed behind closed doors, and with a 30-year ban from disclosing to the public the nooks and crannies of the treatise in place, it will seriously jeopardises our health, wellbeing and the little freedom of choice we have left! 

If this goes ahead against our will, we will finally become multinationals' slaves without any legal mean to say "no". We will have no choice or say in the quality of the food we eat for starters, as cheap OGM shit will be allowed to flood our markets while the little organic food available will be ostracised and made even more expensive. And don't think that you will just move to the country and grow your own: millions of people will actually wish for that, but only the privileged few will be able to. Bankers, big company managers, real estate players, football players, popstars and politicians will be able to enjoy increasing wealth and unreasonably high living standard  while you will be stuck in the city, like a sewage rat, working 9 to 5 to only to pay bills, taxes and feed yourself and your kids (if you are mad enough to have any), with unhealthy crap. Now, at least we have the chance to avoid processed foods if we chose to, b ut with TTIP in place it will be increasingly harder.

Moreover, if TTIP will go ahead FRACKING will only be stopped if our governments pay huge compensation sums to the fracking companies who will have the legal right to sue anybody who tries to stop them from making profits! This is already going on in Canada, who signed a similar treaty with the US and is now paying out millions in compensation to companies whenever citizens stop them from acting against their own health and safety. 

Here in Europe tracking companies (and their ravenous shareholders, lending banks and our disgustingly corrupt politicians) are waiting for TTIP to be officially ratified to start making huge profits at our expense: they have already installed their machinery on our land with the complicity of our two-faced governments, imposing on us a dangerous procedure that will cause water contamination and earthquakes. If they go ahead, insurance companies have already warned they will not insure any house located above or around a tracking area, so our homes will be worth nothing! 

Our governments have been lying to us shamelessly in promising we will have a say in it. "If the people do not want tracking, it simply won't happen": in the meantime, they allowed for plants and machinery to be installed without our consent and as soon as the TTIP will be signed, they will start drilling. If we do oppose them (hopefully most of us will!), the fracking companies will be allowed to legally demand from our governments millions in compensation, money that will have to come out of our pockets through more austerity, taxation and diminishing budgets for education, research, sustainability and the NHS. 

This is truly criminal! We all know by now that we do not really live in a true democracy, so we MUST let them know we are no longer playing the game. Too many intelligent and educated people, feeling disgusted and frustrated by the state of today's globalised society and economy have opted to "ride the tiger" with the conscious intent of allowing for things to degenerate completely. I have done so myself in a way, overwhelmed by an increasing sense of impotence and repugnance, but I have to question this stance: why likening yourself to the idiot puppets who have their dignity trampled over and over again by the opportunist few?... Sometimes it is wise and useful to jump off the tiger and take action. After all, it us our blood "they" are feeding upon: let's starve them!!!

It is never the majority that changes the course of history, but a few brave and fearless ones with integrity, honour, courage, passion and functioning brain cells. The latter especially is not entirely prerogative of those who still think that all this is God's work, preparing for the Apocalypse to punish the world for its sins, or Satan's, plotting to take over the planet, quite incredibly forgetting it was always his in the first place (if you believe in good and evil, that is). 

Whether it is greed, corruption, cowardice, retarded or fanatical ignorance to be of hindrance towards a serious and urgent reshaping of our society and economy, it is time for some of us to stop fucking about. Be a warrior!!!


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