Sunday, 18 May 2014


WYRDNESS 2014/2015

So far Mystery’s Wyrdness has been flying fairly low, scouring the black forest’s ground for rather special hot blooded preys, but it will soon be time to aim for the dark immensity of the sky. 

WYRD’S FLIGHT will soon take yours truly, the audacious few who will contribute regularly or occasionally, and its surprisingly faithful readers hailing from Russia, Canada, the US, Australia and the EU, to many and manifold green pastures where we shall be hunting, exploring and beholding in muted awe, connecting to and absorbing the physicality of life whilst challenging the path of a liberated spirituality through music and ruthless inner search. 

From personal blog, WF will unfold into a strictly underground fanzine for warriors, ascetics, philosophers, scientists, aliens, wolves, bats, felines, owls, bards and shamans: in fact, Wyrd itself will invite you to be all of the above at once if you dare! Madmen and madwomen, here there will be no barriers: welcome home.

Currently, ideas aplenty are being safely stored within the warm cavity of my inner nest: shiny stones, oddly shaped bones, fragments of proud antlers, warm feathers from fellow birds of prey, psychedelic & poison mushrooms alike, fragrantly scented bark, leaves carrying meaningful messages and blindingly white hailstones which do not seem to melt at the presence of the ever burning Flame. Yet a physical nest will soon enough exist hidden within the beautiful landscapes of Scotland, where Wyrd-The Zine will finally fly in full view. 

News has already hit my Facebook pages ( and the new born which you are kindly asked to support) that Thor Joakimsson (owner of Trollmusic, A&R for Lupus Lounge and Prophecy Productions, art promoter and currently writing for the excellent and good-looking Hammerheart) will be the first Wyrd-one to join ranks. The very man with Roots, Heart & Spirit a-plenty was indeed the culprit for the release into the world of the first printed issue of Wyrd’s Flight as small companion to the final issue of his cult zine Mørkeskye. Hence I welcome my Teutonic brother with particular joy and gratitude: since I have the tendency to be more active as instigator and facilitator, it is nice to know that his booted foot will always be ready to kick me up the ass when neglecting my own projects! As from WF#2, be ready for soulful interviews and introspective, provocative and ironic shenanigans from this hammered one on the loose…

I am also extremely pleased to announce that my second companion at Wyrd’s Flight will be Guido Segers. Already a contributor for various Dutch and Baltic magazines, he has recently been hired by the legendary Sleeping Shaman. Guido hails from Holland, my second home: we met in Eindhoven through a dear friend of mine, photographer Paul Verhagen (intie already online), whose iconic black & white photos will hopefully grace the pages of WF. Guido has eclectic taste in music (unsurprisingly he describes himself so: "I'm just a guy who is intrigued by music that makes you think") and is an expert on the Baltic unique and burgeoning extreme metal scene. Last but not least, he is a connoisseur of Varg Vikernes' oeuvre, which he studied in depth for his university thesis. His interesting and challenging essay on Burzum will be serialized on WF starting from issue #2: prepare to be hooked!

More collaborators will soon be announced: expect an eclectic mix of artists and writers, all passionate about the Underground, Art and Nature, who will offer different, honest, challenging, inspiring and controversial outlooks and viewpoints on this mind-boggling adventure/torment that is Life… 
Also I shall reveal some of the hopefully interesting and/or amusing features that will give a unique identity to the physical incarnation of Wyrd’s Flight.
While there will be no room for mainstream or soulless manufactured bullshit, I make it very clear once and for all: politically correct censorship will have no place here. Wyrd, which is "that which happens" around us, embraces everything and everyone, whether we like it or not! 
Stay tuned!!

 Deer in Scottish forest

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