Tuesday, 30 April 2013




After the deranged Lord Mantis exhibition I was in the perfect rabid disposition for another of my elected acts of this Roadburn, Dutch combo HERDER. Led by Jim Dokter (drummer in my favorites Urfaust, whose amazing Roadburn 2012 gig I am also celebrating right below) on bass, they only have a demo/album, a single and two EPs to their credit but, having come across this highly recommended band last December at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting, I was eager to see more of them. They blitzkrieged the stage packed with venomous energy up to their eyeballs, which they fully expressed in the forceful manner that is customary for hardcore bands: in fact this is the background of their new singer, who has definitely brought a different dimension to their music and live impact. Herder is a band that aims at expressing full-on anger by taking their stoner sludge to another level: Roadburn showed them reaching a higher intensity with an impressive physical performance, especially by JD and screamer Ché Snelting. The way the bass player dominated the stage was remarkable, reminding me of great old-school Italian hardcore bands like Raw Power and Negazione, who invented this kind of high-octane performance and took it to the USA. It’s good to see a contemporary version of such testosterone-fuelled spectacle, done in a different context. The first half of Herder’s gig was superb, but it must be said that not all their material is up to scratch yet, so I look forward to new quality songs to even-up their set. I’d also like to see the singer avoiding booting 15-year-old kids: the lad wasn't hurt of course but looked absolutely gutted. An unholy baptism of fire for him hehe!


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